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Les mieux notées - Lucies Farm
Tessvu 2359 fois1 commentaires44444
(11 votes)
Lord Rannoch of Luciesvu 4850 fois1 commentaires44444
(16 votes)
"I Didn't Know Pigs Could Swim."vu 4520 foisI was given a book called The Ubiquitous Pig by my father in 1993. In this book is an underwater photograph of a pig and a lady swimming by Garry Winogrand taken at Aquarena Springs in San Marcos, Texas. Here's our own version, with Barbara and a Tamworth.3 commentaires44444
(14 votes)
Craig Walsh and Chase Ellis with Highland Cattle Trophyvu 1504 foisThe Highland Cattle Trophy at the Three Counties Show in Malvern, England was contributed by Lucies Farm Ltd.33333
(5 votes)
Meg Not Looking at the Ducksvu 620 foisMeg is more intersted in her orange ball than in the ducks.2 commentaires33333
(5 votes)
Faroh the Lurchervu 101 fois33333
(5 votes)
Barbara Cleaning The Pool Tilevu 5007 fois4 commentaires33333
(30 votes)
After-Walk Cuddlesvu 1607 fois33333
(7 votes)
Lord Rannoch of Luciesvu 2465 fois2 commentaires33333
(7 votes)
Daschundsvu 8389 foisThese two minature daschunds --- Kitty and Freida --- visited us for a few days over Christmas.18 commentaires22222
(24 votes)
Slippervu 1996 foisSquinting a bit in the late summer sunshine --- and with a massive tongue.1 commentaires22222
(20 votes)
I learned this from those guest doggies next doorvu 286 fois22222
(5 votes)
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