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What am I here for?338 kez bakıldıKiko is 12 years old in May 2007. He had been having trouble with his breathing and we are at the Queen Mother Hospital, South Mimms, waiting to get checked out.11111
(5 oy verildi)
Aaah, a pair of strong arms217 kez bakıldı11111
(5 oy verildi)
Cane Enjoying His Breakfast181 kez bakıldı11111
(5 oy verildi)
Marjorie and Tapa on ITV's "This Morning"263 kez bakıldıThe Lucies Farm Pet Resort and Ritz Canine spa were featured on ITV's "This Morning" programme on February 22 2006. We brought Tapa to the London Television Centre so that Marjorie could massage him on air. This was photographed during rehearsal: Tapa looking at the Chihuahua with great interest.11111
(5 oy verildi)
Ronan485 kez bakıldıThe water always magnifies things --- look at the size of Ronan's right front paw underwater.1 yorum yapıldı11111
(5 oy verildi)
Ronan Coming Up The Ramp534 kez bakıldıThe gently inclined PetRamp has a non-skid surface, but it takes doggies a couple of tries to feel comfortable with it.1 yorum yapıldı11111
(5 oy verildi)
Barbara Cleaning The Pool6977 kez bakıldıWhile our indoor pool has been maintained, we haven't really had time to swim in it. As we get ready to introduce canine swimming, it's time to clean every tile spic-n-span. It's a hot summer Friday, and Barbara volunteered. Ever gone swimming in kitchen gloves?11111
(5 oy verildi)
Marjorie and the Fire Extinguisher358 kez bakıldıMarjorie testing an out-of-date fire extinguisher. Vic runs in to remind Marjorie not to hold the nozzle as it gets very cold and your hand can freeze to it.11111
(5 oy verildi)
Whitecroft Conservatory468 kez bakıldıAnd if you look closely, you can see Kiko watching me from inside.11111
(5 oy verildi)
Kiko and the Barbell717 kez bakıldıWe didn't think the bull terriers would like this barbell: it's made from tennis ball-type of material. Or we thought they'd tear it to bits in seconds. Kiko and Tapa love it, and it's managed to make it through the critical 10 minutes.11111
(5 oy verildi)
Winter Morning - Maggot's Croft387 kez bakıldıThe field behind our house is called Maggot's Croft (it clearly came with that name --- not something we thought up). It was once an apple orchard, and these old trees are left from those days. Taken by Marjorie on a cold winter morning, December 28 2004.11111
(5 oy verildi)
Joe Looking at Canal556 kez bakıldıWe have a 1/4 acre duck pond at the front of our property. To raise the level of the pond, and extend it somewhat, we built a small dam down one stream. (Not exactly Hoover Dam.) We call this "the canal," even though it's probably not more than three feet deep at its deepest point. It's a site of attraction for Retrievers and Labradors!11111
(5 oy verildi)
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