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Tapa In His Santa Hat2025 viewsBeneath the Christmas tree at Lucies Farm, 20065 comments22222
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Marjorie telling Tapa "Stay.."773 viewsTapa has a way of looking cute when you tell him to do something --- which is why he usually does pretty much what he wants.1 comments22222
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Kiko, Mud, And His Ball6481 viewsHere's Kiko, fresh out of the muddy stream. Even though he had to put his entire Bull Terrier head under the muddy water, he managed to retrieve his blue ball.4 comments22222
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C'mon, let's play386 views1 comments22222
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Bonnie waiting patiently hoping for a taste of what John is eating1848 viewsBonnie waits patiently and with mournful eyes in ah hope she will get a taste of what we are eating, here John eats home made lasagne and Bonnie just waits22222
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Three Doggies Out For A Walk1272 views1 comments22222
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PetSTEP Pet Ramp20190 viewsThis secure pet ramp has been modified by the manufacturer with special pool legs. The ramp offers a non-slip, gradual incline for dogs to leave the pool.2 comments22222
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Lord Rannoch and Highland Steak Dinner1352 views1 comments22222
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Ted and Joanie2519 views22222
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Tapa looking quite sinister2356 views22222
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Smiling Kiko6784 viewsTook this photo of Kiko in the back garden, August 2004. Kiko makes me smile --- he's always so happy, and he looks happy!22222
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Marjorie with the Bull Terriers2583 viewsMadresfield - Summer 20033 comments11111
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