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Kiko's Nosevista 650 vecesI think Kiko's nose is great. I like the little black lower lip as well. It almost looks like Kiko polishes his nose when we're not looking.11111
(7 votos)
Paulo on His Walkvista 437 vecesPaulo on King's End Lane, March 19 20052 commentarios11111
(7 votos)
Joe on Frosty December Morningvista 590 vecesTemperatures reached minus 4 degrees last night. This morning was sunny and frosty, and Joe was ready to romp.11111
(7 votos)
After-Walk Cuddlesvista 1594 veces11111
(9 votos)
View from the carvista 535 vecesView from the front of the car going home from a trip to Malvern.11111
(6 votos)
Kiko in the Driver's Seatvista 541 veces11111
(6 votos)
Tess Finds The Canalvista 648 vecesTess managed to toss her ball (deliberately, we think) into our small, shallow canal. What's a dog to do when that happens? Jump, of course!1 commentarios11111
(6 votos)
Sasha Playing With A Red Ballvista 128 veces11111
(8 votos)
Do you know how deep this water is!vista 143 veces11111
(8 votos)
Marjorie Crossing the Damvista 880 vecesHaving crossed the narrow dam to get a dog ball from the other side of the small "canal."1 commentarios11111
(8 votos)
Powick Parish Fete - May 28 2005vista 285 veces3 commentarios11111
(8 votos)
Three Counties Show - Malvern, 2004vista 1091 vecesLord Rannoch in the show ring, being pulled by Kevin and prodded a bit by Andy. 11111
(8 votos)
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