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Kiko's Nose650 x bekekenI think Kiko's nose is great. I like the little black lower lip as well. It almost looks like Kiko polishes his nose when we're not looking.11111
(7 stemmen)
Paulo on His Walk437 x bekekenPaulo on King's End Lane, March 19 20052 commentaren11111
(7 stemmen)
Joe on Frosty December Morning590 x bekekenTemperatures reached minus 4 degrees last night. This morning was sunny and frosty, and Joe was ready to romp.11111
(7 stemmen)
After-Walk Cuddles1594 x bekeken11111
(9 stemmen)
View from the car535 x bekekenView from the front of the car going home from a trip to Malvern.11111
(6 stemmen)
Kiko in the Driver's Seat541 x bekeken11111
(6 stemmen)
Tess Finds The Canal648 x bekekenTess managed to toss her ball (deliberately, we think) into our small, shallow canal. What's a dog to do when that happens? Jump, of course!1 commentaren11111
(6 stemmen)
Sasha Playing With A Red Ball128 x bekeken11111
(8 stemmen)
Do you know how deep this water is!143 x bekeken11111
(8 stemmen)
Marjorie Crossing the Dam880 x bekekenHaving crossed the narrow dam to get a dog ball from the other side of the small "canal."1 commentaren11111
(8 stemmen)
Powick Parish Fete - May 28 2005285 x bekeken3 commentaren11111
(8 stemmen)
Three Counties Show - Malvern, 20041091 x bekekenLord Rannoch in the show ring, being pulled by Kevin and prodded a bit by Andy. 11111
(8 stemmen)
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