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podium-assembled-web.jpg Promotional Photograph2785 odsłonWe decided on the "Olympics" theme before the 2006 Winter Olympics -- and here we are doing the photo shoot in mid-July. This is designed for a promotional mail-out to promote the website.44444
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PAAVille Skyline - Wake Island23980 odsłonI would guess this in the main intersection of PAAVille on Wake Island, photographed by my father, Woody Walsh, circa 1953. He took a series of slides, and these two images were stitched together with modern software. I like the one lone soldier walking in the lower right hand corner --- he's the only sign of "traffic."44444
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Marjorie's New Polo Shirt7358 odsłonWe had a young Polish lady --- Agnes --- help us on the farm. She left one of Marjorie's Polo shirts to soak overnight --- but apparently soaked it in acid. She came to us from a recruitment agency, Claire Meade Ltd. They described her as "house proud." We didn't pay their fee.44444
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Chase's Tattoo9628 odsłonThe unveiling of the tattoo, Christmas 20031 komentarzy44444
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Tess2361 odsłon1 komentarzy44444
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Lord Rannoch of Lucies4853 odsłon1 komentarzy44444
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"I Didn't Know Pigs Could Swim."4522 odsłonI was given a book called The Ubiquitous Pig by my father in 1993. In this book is an underwater photograph of a pig and a lady swimming by Garry Winogrand taken at Aquarena Springs in San Marcos, Texas. Here's our own version, with Barbara and a Tamworth.3 komentarzy44444
(14 głosów)
Kiko & Tapa in their Favorite Position3686 odsłon....begging for food....!1 komentarzy33333
(19 głosów)
Craig Walsh and Chase Ellis with Highland Cattle Trophy1516 odsłonThe Highland Cattle Trophy at the Three Counties Show in Malvern, England was contributed by Lucies Farm Ltd.33333
(5 głosów)
Tapa and Kiko5978 odsłonTapa has managed to remain relatively clean, but Kiko --- in the quest for his ball --- has managed to coat himself with smelly mud. Was he ever proud of his achievement!1 komentarzy33333
(28 głosów)
Kiko Wearing A Mud Suit1725 odsłonKiko loves to drop his ball in water, and then try to get it. In the house, he puts it under glass shelf at the bottom of an end table. Today he outdid himself: into the little stream that runs through our property. Because it's been dry, the stream is mainly mud. It looks like Kiko is wearing a mud suit.33333
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Meg Not Looking at the Ducks620 odsłonMeg is more intersted in her orange ball than in the ducks.2 komentarzy33333
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