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Tamworth Pig10204 viewsLooks like the pigs have converted our lush, green English field into the Serengetti. Time to move them to another field --- for them to convert.
Mother and Child9791 viewsA couple of wild pigs at Whitecroft.
Wild Boar's Snout9709 viewsLook at the length of his snout -- almost longer than his body.
Highland Cattle at Balmoral Castle9680 views
PAAVille on Wake Island -- Circa 19539655 viewsMy father, Woody Walsh, took a a series of photos from (I would guess) the tower at the airport of the "skyline" of PAAVille on Wake Island. This panorama is two of the slides stitched together with modern software.
Burj al Arab Hotel -- Dubai9616 viewsPhotographed from the beach at the Madinat Jumeirah. The Burj al Arab -- Tower of the Arabs -- rises above the Arabian Sea, and was built to look like a sail. The right side of the hotel is made from Kevlar, the bullet-proof material. Look at the crowd on the beach.
Senior Male With Fine Tusks9508 viewsAccording to UNESCO, "In Vanuatu, items such as boar tusks and stringed shell money are traditional forms of wealth. They have both cultural and economic importance, highly valued for their exchange value and social prestige." The boar's tusk is even prominent on the flag of Vanuatu. This boar, however, is in sunny Worcestershire.
Chase's Tattoo9472 viewsThe unveiling of the tattoo, Christmas 20031 comments
Chase and Kiko in Sleeping Mode9390 viewsChase and Kiko asleep at Whitecroft - Christmas 2003
Berkshire Pork Roast Dinner9333 viewsMarjorie cooked a delicious roast dinner with our first Berkshire pork leg roast. It was delicious. Much darker pork than conventional "supermarket" pork.
Our lania/balcony. I've assumed the holiday position9212 views
Resting Tamworths, Clucking Chickens9077 viewsThe Tamworth pigs (little boars) having a rest together, while the Black Rock chickens cluck in the background. It's cute to watch the chickens come up and peck at small insects, etc., in the pigs' ears.
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