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Most viewed - Matthew Barney's Guardian of the Veil
Putting Zuko into the Harness218 viewsThe special harness is on Matthew Barney's head. Artur and Grzegorz assist Zuko's owner, Marge, in placing Zuko into the harness.
Grzegorz x 2 Measuring Ross' "Halo"217 viewsMeasuring the distance around Ross' head, beneath his horns.
Fez As A Sanitation Worker216 viewsFez dressed in his costume as a New York City Sanitation Worker.
Matthew Barney with Zuko the Basenji213 viewsTesting the dog harness for Guardian of the Veil with Zuko.
Grzegorz and Arthur with Ross212 viewsBringing Ross in for his bath/shampoo.
Ross Walking Around the Chrysler Imperial on Stage211 viewsThe cable attached to Ross' harness will prevent him from running anywhere. During the rehearsals and three live performances, Ross never needed the cable to stop him. Jack Thompson watching from above.
Ross In His Temporary Home211 viewsBeneath the Manchester Magistrates' Court. A pen was constructed using soil from a garden centre and straw from Lucies Farm. Ross was happy in his "hidden location."
Grzegorz and Artur Taking Ross' Temperature211 viewsWe had a small concern that the space beneath the Magistrates' Court was a bit stuffy, so Grzegorz (a veterinary student in Poland) purchased a digital thermometer at Boots and Grzegorz took Ross' temperature regularly. All was well.
Artur and Grzegorz in Costume211 viewsRoss was held just below the Manchester Magistrates' Court, a short distance from the Crown Court. When Artur and Grzegorz were in costume, I photographed them in front of the Crown Court. Quite an unsettling image.
Behind the Manchester Opera House210 viewsDigby Gribble speaking with Stephen Ware, the independent veterinarian. Whenever Ross was in the theater, Stephen was in attendance. He also checked on Ross in the "secret location" beneath the Magistrates' Court. This small lane is where Ross (watched by his contingent of security guards) entered and exited the Manchester Opera House.
The Orchestra at the Manchester Opera House210 viewsSome reading music, some reading the tabloids.
The Funeral Procession Enters the Lobby210 viewsThe beginning of the Guardian of the Veil at the Manchester Opera House, part of Il Tempo del Postino and the Manchester International Festival.
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