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Kiko Asleep in the Conservatory1025 viewsKiko was snoring away in his favourite chair in the conservatory yesterday (February 13 2005) so I snapped his picture. When I went to upload it to this site, I was surprised to find out how many pictures I have of our dogs sleeping --- including in the sunny conservatory. Gosh, it looks like that's all our dogs do every day. As if.
Time to play1023 views
Poi Dog Shirt1022 viewsWe'd hoped that dog lovers would also wish to purchase a poi dog shirt, with a funny cartoon of a dog munching on biscuits and catching a Frisbee with a net. We were wrong.
"Get Ready, Here it Comes" T-shirt1003 viewsSold to promote our poi dog treats.
Butter Wouldn't Melt in His Mouth1002 viewsKiko having a rest.
The Postman's Nightmare960 viewsThis is a cropped shot of another photo on this website. Tapa is growling at water coming from the garden hose. He really loves it. I've never really seen inside his mouth before (and it needed a 1/1500 shutter speed to do so). Wow, those are big teeth!
C'mon Mana, I'll lead the way953 views
Tapa Relaxing937 views1 comments
Tapa937 views. . . with a bit of mud on his face.1 comments
Tapa on the Couch932 viewsTapa was feeling a bit poorly, so spent most of the day on the couch --- with his head over the arm rest.
Kiko in Chair -- Eyes Open929 viewsI took a picture of Kiko asleep in his chair and the flash woke him up. Poor boy. Other than opening his eyes, for a moment, he didn't move a muscle.
Can you help me choose?918 views1 comments
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