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Christmas 2001 Marjorie.jpg
Christmas 20011419 viewsMarjorie in her Doggie Jim Jams, ready to open Pressies
Eating Mickey Waffles at Disneyland807 views
Marjorie's Christmas Bicycle758 viewsI think this was the only time Marjorie had time to get on this bike. In the end the seat was stolen from the parking lot at Craigside. We have the pink squeaky pig at Whitecroft.
Sunburned Marjorie715 viewsI don't think she realized at this point how sunburned she was. We both had to keep thick robes on during the night because we were so hot we were shivering in the hotel air conditioning.
Cathy's Easter Present695 viewsWhy did she leave this behind in Hawaii? And why did we ship it to her in Australia?
Marjorie and Cathy at Chase's 2nd Wedding681 views"The Event" at the Kahala Mandarin
Big Thunder Railway - Disneyland604 viewsAttending the health food show in Anaheim. Took some time out for a visit to Disneyland. Should have spent more time at Disneyland, and less in the Anaheim Convention Center.
Marjorie and Me, Having a Drink Somewhere576 views
Marjorie Sunbathing on Lanai576 viewsIt was sunny and cool, and we both were very sunburned after spending far too long outdoors.
Marjorie with crooked eye566 viewsDon't do that or your face will freeze like that...
Craig at Christmas 2001.jpg
Christmas 2001 - With New Jacket558 views
Christmas Family - Honolulu - 2001536 views
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