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Scottish | Kobe Topside with Home Grown Veggies8683 viewsBeestings is the first milk from a cow (otherwise called colostrum). We've just acquired a "house" cow, Carole. She has a new calf, but there's plenty of colostrum. A farm treat is beestings Yorkshire pudding. So Marjorie made them --- and what better to have with a slow-cooked, tender Scottish | Kobe roast and vegetables grown here at Lucies Farm.1 comments
Maggot's Croft Vegetable Patch123 viewsWe're growing (or trying to grow) our own vegetables next to the pig field at Maggot's Croft.
Kurobuta Draft of Pork2760 viewsThe Kurobuta pork belly (or Draft of Pork) cooked with root vegetables.
Kurobuta Draft of Pork355 viewsAlso called pork belly --- with some nice gravy and crackling.
Fruit and Veg -- Dubai Style3119 viewsThis huge display of fresh fruit and veg was at the entrance to the desert restaurant -- built to look like an old fort -- at the Bab al Shams Hotel.
Marjorie Waiting For Our Car in Las Vegas218 viewsAt the MGM Grand Hotel. Note that Marjorie is holding some dollar bills in her right hand -- you need to be ready with the tips in Las Vegas.
R. A. Willison Window, Whitby135 viewsThis fruit and vegetable window in Whitby looked so colourful and orderly. The sign indicates that they've been doing this since 1800.
I wanna eat where these dogs eat!117 views
A meal fit for the furkid109 views
Purple Sprouting at the Pershore Market112 views
Wow, what a choice99 views
Well, we are in wine country78 views
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