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Wild Boar242 viewsWhile foaming at the mouth, he then suddenly started to exercise his bottom jaw. Look at the size of that tusk.
Wild Boar in the Snow191 views
An Adolescent Wild Boar2523 views
Senior Male With Fine Tusks9510 viewsAccording to UNESCO, "In Vanuatu, items such as boar tusks and stringed shell money are traditional forms of wealth. They have both cultural and economic importance, highly valued for their exchange value and social prestige." The boar's tusk is even prominent on the flag of Vanuatu. This boar, however, is in sunny Worcestershire.
Wild Boar with Large Tusks189 viewsOur "senior male" at Lucies Farm, proudly showing off his tusks.
Large Tusks on a Junior Boar141 viewsOne of the wild boar at Lucies Farm with his developing tusks.
Alpha Male Waking Up From His Sleep227 viewsThis wild boar was having a nap in a pig arc and I stumbled across him while he was having a big yawn. He looks quite fierce - particularly in view of the length of his tusk.
Don't mess with me..............138 views
........... I mean it!!186 views
It's a pig thing210 views
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