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Vic and The Boys171 viewsOtis loves to play tug-of-war with whatever happens to be on hand --- rawhide bone, stick, rawhide bone. Cole stands by calmly.
Labrador Tug-o-War142 viewsWith Marjorie in the middle . . .
Otis and Cole Want The Same Toy115 viewsThe perfectly good blue ball ignored in the background, Otis and Cole wage a friendly war over the red ball.
Marjorie and Harvey Playing Tug-o-War119 views
Sally and Jake Playing Tug-o-War121 views
Jake Playing Tug-o-War94 views
Sally and Jake Playing Tug-o-War91 views
Picanha Steaks on the Grill1670 viewsPicanha is a cut of beef in Brazil that is generally considered to be the best part of the cow, even better than the fillet. Picanha (pick-ahn-yeh) is a Portuguese word, without direct translation into English. Brazilians travelling to the U.K. are often surprised to discover that what they consider to be a prime delicacy is divided among other cuts by British butchers.
Jake and Sally Playing Tug-o-War106 views
Kai Playing Tug-O-War104 viewsKai playing with Marjorie. Kai is a bearded collie.
What's goin' on?116 viewsCholo came to visit us for a few hours to see if he would like to stay. Didn't quite know what to make of it all
Poi Swirl Bread5796 viewsPoi Swirl Bread made for The Poi Company by Hawaii Star Bakery. This was Portuguese sweet bread "swirled" with purple poi bread. It made a delicious sandwich.
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