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Reminds me of the old joke about light bulbs...669 viewsWe've purchaed a caravan trailer to provide temporary housing for our two new colleagues from Poland. It was quite a drama getting it down the Whitecroft driveway. The gentleman from the caravan company came out a couple of days ago to look at the driveway and he said it was "fine." There were some tense moments, particularly with our neighbour. Here are the guys trying to find the electrical socket.
Trailer Caravan Parked in Stable Yard441 viewsI love the bay window... Looks like we need to put some of the potted plants around it so it's not quite so . . . trailer-like.
The Trailer, Greenhouse, and Barn266 views... and, of course, our tractor. The farm stable yard on a hot summer afternoon.
Tamworth Boar, Waiting for the Vet6664 viewsThe best way we could think of isolating the Tamwroth boar so the vet could check his back leg was to lure him into the stock trailer with food. In the end, he managed to push open the metal gate and escape.
Steer 41 Being Led to the Trailer153 views
Kobe Burger Time263 viewsHaving some Kobe Beef Burgers in the stable yard before the rains come in. Marjorie with Big Grzegorz and Little Grzegorz and Julita.
Digby Gribble Opening the Stock Trailer158 viewsBehind the Manchester Opera House, for Ross' first on-stage experience.
Ross Getting into the Stock Trailer164 viewsFor the short ride from the Manchester Magistrates' Court to the Manchester Opera House. We wanted to simply walk him, but the thought of a bull walking through city streets was a bit chilling to others.
Ross Moving to a New Field140 viewsAs Grzegorz 1 and Grzegorz 2 look on. Ross sees Betty, a Gloucester cow, in the same field --- waiting for him.
Ross On His Way To Meet Betty128 viewsBetty is a Gloucester cow.
Lucies Farm Stable Yard374 viewsTemporary trailer/caravan on the left, with Norbert and Petra having a discussion. Dutch barn in the background, and green chicken coop.
Unloading More Leylandii onto the "Wall of Fire"251 views
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