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Lord's Wood Track224 viewsOur track leading to Lord's Wood is shown on the left of this springtime (mid-May) photograph. Lord's Wood itself is in the distance, past the sheep pasture.
Repairing the Non-Return Valve - Whitecroft Track190 viewsWe had problems on Friday and Saturday because, without notice, Severn Trent needed to replace the non-return sewer valve. Apparently they couldn't inspect it in March because they couldn't open the manhole cover. But nothing was done, until our neighbour's house flooded with sewage. Looks like this guy got the manhole cover open! July 29 2005
Marjorie Walking to Lord's Wood216 viewsWalking up (northward) the track, in the direction of Lord's Wood.
Raw Sewage - Woodman's Cottage217 viewsThis raw sewage is coming out of a pipe on our property, adjacent to our track to Lord's Wood. We believe it's coming from Woodman's Cottage, the only property in the area.
Woodman's Cottage, Looking to the West298 viewsPhotographed from the eastern track, looking towards the west.
Track by Lord's Wood Cottage191 viewsThis photograph shows how the tyre tracks bend to the east because the post-and-rail fence has been installed too far to the east. This is looking southward down the track, towards the road. Lord's Wood is at my back.
Looking Southward Down the Track215 viewsLord's Wood Cottage is on the right.
Looking Southward Down the Track3703 viewsLord's Wood Cottage is on the right.
Lord's Wood Cottage208 viewsLooking north, up the track. Our car --- on the track, beyond my tripod --- is facing north, into Lord's Wood itself.
The Whitecroft Track -- Looking North128 viewsA view down our track, showing our farm tractor parked by our gate. Our neighbours claimed that the tractor was "blocking" the track (a track that we own). I took this photograph to show that their claim was spurious.
Whitecroft Track -- Looking South121 viewsSummer afternoon, Aug 3 2006. Our white gate on the left. We own this gravel track. Our neighbours told the Council our tractor was blocking the track (our track). I took this photo to show this to be untrue.
Garden Adjacent to Gravel Track110 viewsThis garden, cultivated by our neighbours with our revocable consent, is technically on our property. We are considering incorporating this garden into our own.
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