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Marjorie Rides A Horse into Petra, Jordan196 viewsYou reach Petra through these narrow lanes carved into the solid rock. It is definitely something out of Indiana Jones.
Holly -- A Two-Tone Dog124 viewsHolly, the Golden Retriever, has done what Golden Retrievers love to do: she's dropped her ball into the small stream, and then decided, "Oh my goodness, I better go in and get the ball." Thereby achieving the two-tone look, and cooling down a bit.
Mole Antonelliana - Il Volo Dei Numeri712 viewsThe Mole (or "heap") Antonelliana is the symbol of Torino. The red neon numbers up the side, by Mario Merz, are the Fibonacci numbers.
Spartacus waiting for a reaction116 views
Love at first sight - Spartacus kissing the stone pig75 views
A magical, mysterious place130 viewsThe little stone bridge crosses the stream that separates Whitecroft from the back field. There's a leak in the little waterfall in the fountain: a project for another day.
Marjorie at the House of Fraser, Manchester132 viewsHaving a late "breakfast" of panettone toast at the House of Fraser in Manchester while we wait for them to call us and tell us our car is ready.
Wot's this?!95 views
Jus' checking that I can still do it157 views
Yep, I still gottit144 views
The only sign of life - St Matthias cemetery241 views
We've been spotted - St Matthias cemetery126 views
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