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Bronze Turkey Feathers3185 views
Chip Stalking the Ball -- Looks More Like A Panther443 views
The Men - Waiting for the Ball to Be Thrown175 viewsI'm not sure I'd like to see this photograph if I were an intruder. But, in fact, The Men are just waiting to play catch.
The Men - Waiting for the Ball Toss186 views
Snow Dog371 viewsA little bit of snow on the face --- that won't stop me from playing ball!
Marjorie and a Save-The-Bear Bear136 viewsRoyal Bath & West Show, June 2005
The Dog Collar Ladies241 viewsWe bought a couple of beautiful collars for Kiko and Tapa from Emma S. Baker-Jones (and her mother, on the left) as well as a belt for me.
Marjorie Giving Me The Eye163 viewsThree Counties Show, Women's Institute Tent, June 17 2005
Black Panther Dog -- With The Red Ball8836 viewsOK, it's really a black Labrador. But he sure looks like a panther.
Lord Rannoch's DNA Test374 viewsOur Swiss customers required Rannoch to have a DNA test, so off we went to pull out some (not much) of his hair. It was important that the roots still be attached. Ever pulled the hair out of a bull? Here are the DNA results from Weatherbys Ireland.
Taking Their Turns1022 viewsMarjorie playing with The Men (Harvey & Buddy) and Tapa the bull terrier. The dogs all loved playing with the garden hose water, and actually took their turns --- in an informal semi-circle around Marjorie --- to be squirted.
Magnolia Blossom - Whitecroft169 viewsI love Magnolias. Great, huge, pure white flowers. It's a shame that they seem to fall apart so quickly, so it's hard to bring them in the house for a big floral display. (Unless there's some secret that only Southern belles learn, while drinking juleps.) This magnolia bud is in our large tree, Whitecroft, on a hot summer afternoon.
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