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Tapa and His Favourite Toy885 viewsWow, Tapa looks ferocious! And how dare we spray water in his face and make him angry? In fact, this is Tapa's favourite game. If we stop spraying him and try to spray the garden, he runs in front of the hose. And if we shut the hose off, he stands guard over the nozzle. In this 1/1500 of a second exposure, Tapa looks mean. He's not --- and after his garden play, he went to sleep on my lap.
Tapa and The Garden Hose617 viewsTapa has a real love/hate relationship with the spray from the garden hose. He wants to bite and kill it --- but when we shut it off, he wants it back. He looks so ferocious here: like a poster dog for the Dangerous Dogs Act. You should see how brave he is with pigeons in the garden --- not.
The Postman's Nightmare963 viewsThis is a cropped shot of another photo on this website. Tapa is growling at water coming from the garden hose. He really loves it. I've never really seen inside his mouth before (and it needed a 1/1500 shutter speed to do so). Wow, those are big teeth!
Tapa and The Water Rainbow448 views
Spice as "Jaws"811 viewsI was almost hesitant to include this photo on the website as it gives an incorrect first impression of Spice. She's a gentle Golden Retriever. But captured in the split-second of the camera shutter, she's the Great White Shark, attacking her pink ball.3 comments
Ben With A Ball84 views"My, what big white teeth you have...!"
Paulo and the Bubble96 viewsPaulo wasn't all that interested in the bubbles when we first started to blow them, but gradually his curiosity got the better of him. In this photograph he's about to burst the bubble.
Paulo the German Shepherd93 views
Missy105 viewsMissy looks a bit like "grandma" in Little Red Riding Hood. "My, grandma, what big teeth you have."
Good thing my teeth are clean and white!108 views
Kiko Enjoying Skippy, His Favourite Peanut Butter564 viewsMost of our doggie guests --- and our own dogs --- enjoy peanut butter. We normally gently put a dab on the roof of their mouth to give them licking pleasure. But Kiko, our bull terrier, wants to go for the whole jar of Skippy.
Barney and Mana Playing in Marjorie's Lap257 viewsPoor Marjorie just wants to relax and watch TV, and she has Mana and Barney on her lap playing rough house. They both look fierce, but they're just doing their Cujo impersonations. They don't actually bite each other.
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