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Tapa on the Couch932 viewsTapa was feeling a bit poorly, so spent most of the day on the couch --- with his head over the arm rest.
Bull Terriers and Cushions824 views
Bull Terriers - with only one cushion1317 viewsThis is what happens when we only bought one Cozies cushion (testing it out first) and have two bull terriers. Needless to say we had to rush out and order a second --- The cushions are great: made of Dupont Cordura, so quite strong.
Tapa and Pau1392 viewsA rare, quiet moment. I don't even remember Tapa being this small.
Humphrey B. Bear - Crime Scene Photograph258 viewsHumphrey B. Bear has been savagely attacked by an unknown assailant. His injuries are fatal. We suspect one Tapa Dog, especially because there was Bear tissue spread throughout the front lounge, and Tapa Dog was the only known occupant of the lounge at the time. He had earlier displayed an unnatural interest in Bear.
Joe Torments Tapa657 viewsJoe would hide around the corner so Tapa couldn't see him, and then pounce out --- much to Tapa's annoyance (and enjoyment).
Tapa Having A Saturday Morning Rest1190 viewsTapa and Kiko both love the couch --- sleeping on it, walking on it, licking it. Here's Tapa having a bit of a Saturday morning lie in, with his head comfortably on the pillow. Note that mine is not.
A Face That Only A Bull Terrier Could Love1175 viewsHere's Tapa giving me a good lick on Saturday morning, February 12 2005
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