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Joe Bites the Tail771 viewsHere's an interesting trick --- bite the other dog's tail.1 comments
Tamworth Boar in the Tall Grass556 viewsHeading -- with his curly tail -- in the direction of the water.
Curly Tail4760 viewsWhen I saw this photograph, it reminded me of those ribbon pins that seem to be all the rage at awards ceremonies. This curly tail belongs to one of our Berkshire pigs.
Burj al Arab Cocktail Lounge4847 viewsThis colourful cocktail lounge actually sticks out from near the top of the Burj al Arab hotel. So we were actually hundreds of feet above the Arabian Sea.
Marjorie Enjoying a Mojito318 viewsWe had our first [url=]mojito[/ul] cocktails in Havana, where they were invented. But the mojitos at the top of the Burj al Arab Hotel in Dubai were a close second.
Tamworth Pig In The Pool164 viewsThis photo was taken by Caters News and distributed to the media on the hottest July day in U.K. history -- July 19 2006. Our Tamworth enjoying a dip in the pool and a cool cocktail.
Now this won't hurt a bit............335 viewsRichard Chamings, our veterinarian, giving the Gloucester bull (now steer) an antibiotic injection following the snip.
Black and White162 viewsTapa (Black) and Mana (White) with their tails together, beneath the table on the patio at dinner time.
I know it's in here somewhere70 views
I'm too busy to look184 views
I just can't wait to get there76 views
Oh, whoops, I've done it again61 views
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