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Turkey Stag306 viewsGood Friday, 2004
Bronze Turkey Stag301 viewsGood Friday, 2004
Woodman's Cottage224 viewsThis is the cottage at the entrance to Lord's Wood. According to our title deeds, recorded at Land Registry, the property line runs along the right-hand side (eastern) of Woodman's Cottage. The red line in this photograph approximates the boundary, so it would appear --- subject to further work by our surveyor --- that the trees, etc. to the right of the line are part of our property.
Front of Woodman's Cottage210 viewsAs best we can tell, the front boundary of Woodman's Cottage is circa 8.9 meters from the front (south) of the Woodman's Cottage garage. This photograph was taken from the west, facing towards the east. Marjorie is standing behind the hedge at the point 8.9 meters south of the front of the cottage. Assuming we're correct (and our surveyor is checking this now) the area to the right (south) of the red line is our property.
Near the St. Mary Church Cemetery161 viewsThese inviting cottages look out over the St. Mary Church Cemetery, Tenbury Wells
Highland Calf258 viewsThe poor boy's yellow ear tags are almost as big as he is. The government requires these ear tags be put on within three weeks of the birth of the calf.
Side of Lord's Wood Cottage With New Addition243 viewsThis photograph, taken looking south down the Lord's Wood access road, showing the new addition on the eastern side of Lord's Wood Cottage. I believe that the fence encroaches on our property, and the new addition is right up to the fence line.
Cars Parked at Lord's Wood Cottage302 viewsThe old (apparently Victorian) chicken coop is shown by the red arrow on the right. Our deeds to the Lord's Wood track show that the boundary line runs next to this chicken coop. The fence line is considerably to the east of this wall.
Lord's Wood Cottage237 viewsI believe that the wooden fence line encroaches on our property. This photograph is taken looking southward down the track, towards Colletts Green. Our track is on the left in this photograph. Lord's Wood cottage, and the new extension, is shown on the right of the fence.
Lord's Wood Cottage Showing New Extension234 viewsThis photograph is taken looking south down our track (towards Colletts Green). The new metal extension, with wooden doors, is on the eastern side of Lord's Wood cottage.
Lord's Wood Cottage Extension225 viewsThe new metal extension on Lord's Wood cottage. This photograph is taken from the east, looking slightly north-west. The extension is shown coming right up to the fence line, which we believe encroaches upon our property. The height of the extension can be estimated using Marjorie's height (5'6").
Woodman's Cottage219 viewsOur track to Lord's Wood on the right of the photograph. This is taken from the triangular piece of land in the front, which is (according to our deeds and recent survey) our property.
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