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Rezultati iskanja slik - "swimming"
Cleaning the Outdoor Pool -- Whitecroftšt. ogledov:192A bit of gentle power washing to remove years of algae that have grown on the sides of the pool.
Teddy Swimming in the Fountainšt. ogledov:488Teddy had been playing on the edge of the fountain. He really wanted to jump in, but then held back. Finally, he just did a belly flop and jumped. He then proudly swam from the one side to the other, and then scampered up the bank.
Elvis and Marjorie in the Poolšt. ogledov:4275Water temperature just about 90 degrees, and Elvis in his doggie life preserver, but not quite ready for a swim.
Elvis and Marjoriešt. ogledov:1491Elvis is thinking about swimming, but not quite comfortable with it yet. Slowly does it...
Elvis in His Life Preserveršt. ogledov:3317He really does want to get in the pool. I think the life preserver slightly offends his dignity. The PetSTEP ramp is shown on the left: it's firmly secured, and gives the dog a gentle exit from the water.
Elvis and Marjoriešt. ogledov:1413Trying to get him to walk down the ramp. I think Elvis is more prone to jump into the water. In the end, Marjorie and I gently picked him up and brought him into the pool with us.
Elvis in His Life Preserveršt. ogledov:1579Thinking about walking down the PetRAMP.št. komentarjev:1
PetSTEP Pet Rampšt. ogledov:21423This secure pet ramp has been modified by the manufacturer with special pool legs. The ramp offers a non-slip, gradual incline for dogs to leave the pool.št. komentarjev:2
Elvis Really Thinking About Itšt. ogledov:2199"Should I just walk down this ramp . . . ?"št. komentarjev:1
Elvis Walking Up the PetSTEPšt. ogledov:1382This photo makes it look like Elvis was moving slowly. When he decided he'd had enough, he was up the PetSTEP ramp in a flash.
Marjorie and Elvis in the Poolšt. ogledov:1166Warm water on a sunny summer morning.
Vic and Barbara Cleaning The Poolšt. ogledov:2816The water is only 4 1/2 feet deep throughout, warmed nicely, and near where Vic is cleaning there's a current that can be turned on and adjusted.
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