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Gucci At The Door to the Dog Resort122 viewsAfter playing fetch, posing for photos, having cookies, and getting lots of cuddles -- Gucci had enough, and was readyu to return to her suite. She led the way, and then turned around to be sure we were following.
Whistler On Her Ramp107 viewsThis ramp goes from the inside of Whistler's and Molly's suite to the exterior patio.
Our Bedroom at the Burj al Arab -- Dubai343 viewsWith a spectacular view over the Arabian Sea. In the distance, they're constructing an artificial series of islands that will look like a palm tree. The palm tree can be seen from space. Nothing half-measure in Dubai.
Our Bathtub -- Burj al Arab Hotel4781 viewsOur suite (all rooms at the Burj al Arab Hotel are suites) covered two floors, with a long curving staircase connecting the floors. We had a large shower and a big round bath tub, complete with a painting of Dubai.
Our Suite in the Burj al Arab652 viewsThis is just part of the downstairs living room in our suite. Marjorie is sitting on the couch before we head off for dinner.
Marjorie Descends the Stairs275 viewsThis curved stairway looks like it is in the hotel lobby. It is, in fact, the stairs that go from one floor of our suite in the Burj al Arab to the other floor. And I gather that we had a "basic" suite. The hotel only has suites.
Our Suite in the Burj al Arab290 viewsThis is another part of our living room in our two-floor suite in the Burj al Arab Hotel -- the Tower of the Arabs. Lots of gold and rich colours.
Matt and Rose in Their Suite198 viewsMatt and Rose are sharing a suite at the Lucies Farm Luxury Dog Resort. This is a photograph of the two of them in their raised "cubby," with its under-floor heating. This is only part of each suite --- which includes an outdoor run.
Fizzy and Poppy in Their Suite137 viewsThe "cubby" is raised, and has under-floor heating in the front half (adjustable by individual thermostat). The half-heating allows our doggie guests to regulate their temperature: if they're cool, they can move forward. If warm, they move a bit back.
Hattie On the Lanai of Her Suite376 viewsSaturday afternoon, July 29 06. Hattie has just been put into her suite. There's Jasper in the next suite, and then Bali and India in the suite after that. It was a warm afternoon so most comfortable on the lanai.
Snowball in Her Suite143 views
Sitting Area in Our Suite - Andaz Liverpool Street Hotel145 views
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