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Marjorie and the Coffee Cup170 viewsThe latte machine at the Little Chef at the Cherwell Valley motorway stop was broken, so Marjorie fetched a latte from the cafe stand. She almost needed a wheelbarrow to get it to the table.
Dar Al Masyaf - Daytime264 viewsThe view from our "boat stop" on the canal system at the Dar Al Masyaf villas, with Marjorie waiting for the next boat. The top of the Burj al Arab Hotel can just been seen peeking over the top of the Madinat Jumeirah.
Dar Al Masyaf - Night Time345 viewsThis is the view from our "boat stop" on the canal system at the Dar Al Masyaf villas. To get to dinner we waited for a boat to pick us up. The ride to the souk only took a few minutes. Now that's civilised!
Marjorie Waiting for the Boat275 viewsOur boat stop at the Dar Al Masyaf hotel. This was very close to the room, so I could hobble to it and jump on a boat. The boat would take us to virtually anywhere in the resort. What a way to commute.
Farewell lunch!275 viewsEmilia (in the green sweater) had been with us for 18 months and was off to pastures new - York to be exact. She was a fun colleague and we will miss her. Here Grzegorz, Zbigniew, Christopher and Elizabeth wish her well. Craig and I were outnumbered by our Polish colleagues!!
Dave Playing With Christopher95 views
Chester Stretching Out135 viewsChester stretching at the end of the ramp, trying to get the ball from Christopher without actually having to swim.
Chester and Christopher123 viewsChester is an escape artist --- here he's trying to escape the pool. Unsuccessfully.
Chester and Christopher -- Mano a Mano109 viewsChristopher trying to lure Chester off the ramp with the floating ball.
Chester and Christopher104 views. . . and the floating toy.
Chester and the Pool104 viewsWe also tried Chester without the life preserver (Christopher was in the pool with him at all times). When Chester first gets into the water, he really tries to get out.
Marjorie and Christopher Lifting Ronan into the Swimming Pool104 views
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