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The Comfort Station5477 viewsThe location and date of this photograph are unknown, but I'm guessing it's not Hawaii. My grandfather, Baba, with my aunt Birdie outside the "comfort station."
Unloading More Leylandii onto the "Wall of Fire"261 views
Colin Thomas and Silas Getting Ready to Photograph235 viewsColin Thomas was looking for someone who could build a large bonfire for a photo shoot. His timing was perfect: it's the time of year when most people cut the leylandii hedges and other trees. Colin and his assistant Silas etting up in the field next to the entrance to Lord's Wood.
The Bonfire at Lord's Wood161 views
Ben and Jed Building the Bonfire at Lord's Wood164 viewsThe mission was to build a bonfire whose flames would leap up the top. This became known as the "Wall of Fire Project." We used leylandii cuttings, both from the front garden at Whitecroft and from other tree surgeons working in the area. Ben and Jed are unloading the last bit of cuttings from the trailer.
Jed With the Olympic Torch190 viewsJed getting ready to light the "Wall of Fire" bonfire.
Flames and Sparks Against the Evening Sky161 views
Colin Thomas and Silas Setting Up in The Field170 viewsGetting ready for the "Wall of Fire Project" photoshoot. Waiting until it gets dark so the bonfire can be lit.
In the Centre of the Fire164 viewsBurning the leylandii logs --- the green foliage really starts to flame.
The Bonfire Burning From Both Ends170 viewsThe bonfire burned from both ends, and it took a long time for the middle to catch on fire.
Leylandii Logs Burning on the Bonfire161 views
The Evening Wind Blowing the Flames222 views
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