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Westbrook4641 viewsSince his arrival at Lucies Farm a few days ago, Worthington has become a "stable pig." He lives in one of our stables, and runs around the stable yard keeping us all company.
Trailer Caravan Parked in Stable Yard441 viewsI love the bay window... Looks like we need to put some of the potted plants around it so it's not quite so . . . trailer-like.
The Trailer, Greenhouse, and Barn266 views... and, of course, our tractor. The farm stable yard on a hot summer afternoon.
Big Doing His Rock Star Impression322 viewsFashionable white eye make-up. (Actually paint from doing the inside of the stables.)2 comments
Big and Greg Repairing the Stable Roof257 viewsAdding a new layer of felt, and installing the extraction fan to cool the stables when they get hot.
Ash in the Stable Yard334 viewsSept 27 2005
Ash the Horse318 viewsIn the stable yard, Sep 27 2005
Close-up of Ash the Horse313 views
Ash the Horse312 viewsSept 27 2005
Ash the Horse333 viewsStanding in the stable yard, Sept 27 2005
Sleeping Tamworth Pigs444 viewsIt's been very damp, so we brought some of the Tamworth pigs into the stable. We cleaned them off first --- look how they shine. And they don't foul in the stable, just in a corner of the stable yard. This is all one litter: they're brothers and sisters. Born in April 2005, about six months ago. Isn't it great how they sleep in a big gaggle?
Sleeping Tamworth Pigs348 viewsThese pigs (all brothers and sisters) were cleaned off this morning, and have spent the day and night in the stable and stable yard. They smell good, they don't foul in the stable itself, and they sleep in this big ball --- playing "spoons" with each other.
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