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Bonsai in the Garden Tent565 viewsThe flower and garden tent was hugely reduced in size from previous years: I believe the Three Counties Show conflicts with a BBC garden show at the NEC. But the bonsai on display were beautiful.
Bonsai in the Garden Tent582 views
Bonsai in the Garden Tent269 views
Large Lady, Small Car169 viewsMarjorie and I were having a won ton min at Wing Yip in Birmingham when this large lady came out of another oriental restaurant. To my amusement she went right to this small red car and hopped in.
Pee Pee Licking His Chops95 views
Marjorie and the Little Mermaid149 viewsIn Copenhagen. We were surprised that the Little Mermaid is actually . . . little.
Tamworth and Berkshire Pig271 viewsThe Berkshire pig mother had a strange litter. Mostly classic black Berkshire pigs, but a couple of Tamworth/Berkshire spotted pigs. Recessive Tamworth genes? These piglets are about five days old.
Woody's Birthday Cake213 viewsNovember 18 2006
Marmadukes Luxury Hotel - York192 viewsFor our one night in York, we paid 180 (on a Monday night, in November) to stay at Marmadukes Luxury Hotel. We thought it was awful. Here's a photo of the only TV in the room, with a screen smaller than my laptop. And you had to sit in this low, stiff Victorian chair to watch TV. It was truly awful.
Tamworth Piglets and Mother215 viewsNovember 11, 2006
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