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Spice Heading Up the PetRamp565 viewsThe PetRamp provides gentle access into, and out of, the swimming pool. It's non-skid surface is perfect for dogs, and they're happy walking down it, and up it.
Our New Guernsey Calf253 viewsLooking a bit skinny, but Guernsey cattle always look a bit skinny to me. But also looking cute. Unfortunately (for him) he's a male.
Olympic Ski Slopes -- Sestiere165 viewsThe ski slopes looked gorgeous, the seating stands looked enormous, but we were on our way to the luge in Cesana Pariol.
Marjorie in Sestriere150 viewsWe had a nice lunch in Sestiere, and then we walked (I slowly hobbled) around the small "city centre" to look at the ski clothing and souvenier shops.
Matt and Rose and the Peanut Butter82 viewsMarjorie tried to feed Matt and Rose some peanut butter by hand. They preferred the entire Skippy jar!
Rose and the Peanut Butter66 viewsRose helping herself to the Skippy peanut butter.
Kiko Enjoying Skippy, His Favourite Peanut Butter564 viewsMost of our doggie guests --- and our own dogs --- enjoy peanut butter. We normally gently put a dab on the roof of their mouth to give them licking pleasure. But Kiko, our bull terrier, wants to go for the whole jar of Skippy.
Lupus and The Devil Ears116 viewsChristmas 2006
Grzegorz Measuring Ross' Girth (Waist?)233 viewsMeasuring Ross for his harness. He's seven feet around.
Measuring from Front to Back1575 viewsRoss was quite happy to be measured for his harness.
Grzegorz and Ross221 views
Ross' Temporary Home-to-Be247 viewsRoss will stay in this temporary pen during his stay in Manchester.
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