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Scottish | Kobe Sirloin Steak1645 viewsI personally think the best way to cook a Scottish | Kobe sirloin steak is on the grill, with a bit of ground pepper and ground sea salt. This piece of steak is served with garden peas and potatoes. We grow our own potatoes at Lucies Farm and I'm amazed at how different they taste from "store bought" potatoes.1 comments
An assortment of Scottish | Kobe Beef1356 viewsHere's an assortment of the various cuts of Scottish | Kobe beef that we have available at Lucies Farm. With apologies for the "plug," all of these can be ordered on our website.
Australian Wagyu Sirloin Steak1518 viewsWe have just received a shipment of Australian Wagyu sirloin steak. Here's one of the steaks.
GQ Style - September 2006362 viewsGQ Style sent a photographer all the way from London to take my photo giving Lord Rannoch a shampoo. This was during May, after I'd broken my back but before it was diagnosed correctly. All I remember of this photo shoot was the pain -- with my crutch just out of the shot. The article is about "desire unlimited," and I have my own page --- along with folks like Armani and Messrs. Dolci and Gabanna.
Butter wouldn't melt..........97 views
Hey, I'm just having a good time76 views
Leaping for joy92 views
C'mon, keep up69 views
99, 100 - coming to get you67 views
D'ya think they can see me?72 views
I want it77 views
Well, I'll go find my own86 views
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