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Pigs in a Line270 viewsGood Friday morning, 2004. The pigs are in a nice chorus line, from left to right: the "original" Kune Kune, the Kune - Gloucester Old Spot cross (how did that happen?), the sinister Iron Age pig (now quite an elderly lady), and the Sinister - GOS cross.
The Sinister Pig447 viewsShe's a cross between an Iron Age pig (itself a cross between a Tamworth pig and a wild boar) and a Gloucester Old Spot. She's quite elderly, but she can move faster than any other pig we have.
Tamworth Piglets With The Sinister Pig764 viewsThe pigs live together in their own community. The Sinister Pig (she's about 16 tears old) seems to be a bit of an old aunt. The two frisky Tamworth piglets have no hesitancy in running all over her, and nudging her with their snouts. I wouldn't like to try that.
The Sinister Pig457 viewsThis old lady is a cross between a Tamworth (1/4), Gloucester Old Spot (1/2), and wild boar (1/4). But it's the wild boar that's dominant. She's about 16 years old, and still the fastest pig we've got.
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