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Ross in the Stock Trailer223 viewsWhile one of his security guards looks on. Shimla Pinks restaurant in the background.
Ross of Bien Esk With A Security Guard197 viewsRoss in his temporary pen (dressing room?) behind the Manchester Opera House with one of his security guards. The Festival organisers were wonderful at being sure that Ross had ample security --- during live performances he had at least ten security guards in the alley behind the Opera House.
One of the Security Guards179 viewsDressed up as a New York City Sanitation Worker for the "Guardian of the Veil." Grzegorz in the background.
Ross of Bien Esk132 viewsWith Fez, one of his regular security guards, in the background.
Digby and Two Security Guards150 viewsAt the back of the Manchester Opera House, with Ross in his temporary holding pen. Ross always had a large contingent of security guards when at the back of the theatre.
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