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Kiko in the Driver's Seat733 viewsWe just came home from the grocery store, and Kiko didn't want to get out of the car. So we left him the back seat, with the back door opened. About ten minutes later, he'd moved to the front seat, where he took charge. Here's Marjorie (seen in reflection) taking a photo of Kiko the driver.
Kiko in the Driver's Seat557 viewsBuckle your seat belt, Kiko, and away you go . . .
Kiko in the Driver's Seat498 views
Tapa in the Car431 viewsTapa loves to go riding in the car, so I took him for a short ride while I photographed the Tamworth piglets, and then went off to get milk. When I was outside, Tapa moved to the driver's seat, and put his paw up. He looks quite relaxed.
The Wooden Seat - Lord's Wood268 viewsWe went to look at the woodland yesterday (27 Oct 05) and were pleasantly surprised to find that the woodsmen had cut a seat from one of the stumps. Here's the seat, and Marjorie having a rest.
Cathy and Me in the Back Seat107 viewsGoing back to Auntie Jean's house to drop her off after tea in town.
Who did it .........135 views
........... not me!!91 views
Aren't ALL mothers embarrassing..........76 views
Guess the ol' boy needs a rest112 views
No I am NOT .............241 views
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