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Poi Lavosh, Poi Dinner Rolls & Lomi Salmon Cream Cheese613 viewsThese were great products. The lavosh (Armenian flat bread) was covered with macadamia nuts. The dinner rolls were light and fluffy. And the lomi lomi salmon cream cheese ... onolicious.
Lennox Having A Roll On The Lawn122 viewsA warm summer afternoon, July 9, 2005. Lennox the Staffie is having a nice roll on the lawn.
Transax -- Marbella Sales Conference510 viewsFrom left to right: Troll, Marjorie, Shauna
Chris Wilesmith Painting723 viewsThe Transax move into Tricorn House, circa October 1987. We did all of the "decorating," if you could call it that, ourselves. This glass-walled area was the break room. Chris Wilesmith with the paint roller, John Gregory on the floor.
Bracken In The Zone119 viewsBracken loves to roll over and have his tummy tickled.
Molly Having a Roll74 viewsWith the Tomy Wonderful Shot dog camera on her collar.
Compacting the Gravel244 viewsIn the front of Woodman's Cottage, morning of September 19 2006. A beautiful, sunny, warm monring. This work was done for us by Albion Landscapes. They were the lowest of three bidders I contacted. They were very fast, and they did an excellent job.
Holiday Inn Garden Court - Helsinki Airport, Finland175 viewsBecause our inbound flight was late, we missed our connection to St. Petersburg in Warsaw. This meant a side-trip to Helsinki, and we still arrived in St. Petersburg a day late. This hotel, at the airport, was clean but basic. Nobody to help with our luggage, so Marjorie had to put it on a chair we "borrowed" from the business centre. She pushed the luggage to our tiny room on the chair.
Julie Wong at Aspery's, Bond Street, London118 views
Craig the Troll114 viewsAt the Thermae Spa in Bath, enjoying the warm water.
The smiles that hide heartache89 views
Oooh, I've got an itch just there100 views
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