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Berkshire Piglets1126 views
Berkshire Piglets Playing With the Tamworth5785 viewsThese Berkshire piglets are supposed to be in the next field, with their mother. They can, of course, escape in multiple places, and they prefer to pay with the slightly older Tamworth pigs.
Tamworth Pigs -- And Berkshire Piglet6069 views
Berkshire and Tamworth Pigs Playing5341 viewsThe little black Berkshire (kurobuta) thinks he's a bit older -- and larger -- than he is.
The Berkshire - Tamworth Meeting3562 viewsThe little (younger) Berkshire piglet greeting the larger (and slightly older) Tamworth piglet.
Westbrook734 viewsThe Berkshire Boar
Westbrook543 viewsThe Berkshire Boar
Lord Rannoch of Lucies - 8 Generation Pedigree392 viewsThis is Rannoch's eight generation pedigree, from the Highland Cattle Society. It's an Adobe Acrobat PDF file, 1,675 kb in size (about 65 pages). To download, simply click the "File" icon above, and the process will begin automatically.
Tapa Drinking From The Garden Hose468 viewsTapa looks like an old reprobate with his crooked tongue. Drinking from the garen house on a boiling hot summer afternoon, July 17 2005, Whitecroft front garden.
Berkshire Piglets and their Mother1182 viewsNot so small any more . .
Berkshire Piglets and their Worried Looking Mother701 views
Westbrook Having A Rest621 viewsWestbrook is a Berkshire pig, or kurobuta. We brought him in to the stable yard to clean him up for a few photos. He loved the fact that this came with some celery, but after a while he decided to lie down on the cool concrete for a bit of a rest.
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