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Hi, Ho, Hi, Ho It's Off To Work We Go231 viewsBig and Greg and a sheet of plywood --- repairing the pig arcs that we purchased for the Wild Boar.
Big and Greg Repairing the Stable Roof258 viewsAdding a new layer of felt, and installing the extraction fan to cool the stables when they get hot.
Repairing the Fountain175 viewsGiving the fountain in the front garden a good clean. Unfortunately, in doing this the young lad managed to remove all of the moss from the outside of the fountain, and kill all of the plants in the front. The fountain looks "new" again, but has lost the patina it took a dozen years to acquire. October 2 2006
Artur Repairing The Sun Disk209 viewsUsing a lighter and a few screws found in the pile of old office furniture in the corner of the warehouse area where Ross lived during his week in Manchester.
Karcher Vacuum Cleaner Repair225 viewsWe paid almost 80 and waited two months to have our Karcher vacuum cleaner repaired by Express Cleaning Supplies near Malvern. The very first time we tried to use it, the pipe (their repairs?) fell apart in our hands. We called, and they didn't return our calls. So much for pride in your work.
A woman's work is never done - even on holiday324 views
Colletts Green Road - More Damages195 viewsThe road surface around this drain is damaged --- and weeds are now growing. That, of course, will only make things worse over time.
Colletts Green Road122 viewsMore deteriorating road repairs from the distant past.
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