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The Contractors Carefully Measure The New Fence197 viewsGreat care was taken to be sure that the fence was not over the boundary. The new fence sits entirely on our property. Morning of September 15 2006.
New Fence In Front of Woodman's Cottage (Entrance to Lord's Wood)202 viewsThe new fence, on our property, runs along the boundary established by the Court. Which is where we said the boundary was all along, and where it is shown to be on our deeds, and on our neighbor's deeds. Photographed on the afternoon of September 15 2006.
New Fence and Curb206 viewsBy the afternoon of September 15 2006 (when this photo was taken) the new fence had been erected. The curb across our track (the eastern track) is designed to retain the gravel we are about to install in the triangle between the fence and the road.
Down With The Old, In With The New237 viewsAfter a year of litigation (commenced against us by Thomas Hawkins) we have fully prevailed. The Court-appointed expert found that the fence by Woodman's Cottage was not along the boundary line, and encroached on our property. This is important, because it has to do with "visual splays" onto the road. On September 15 2006 our contractors arrived to remove the part of the fence that encroached, and to put up our new fence along the boundary line.
Marjorie in the new Triangle231 viewsIn front of Woodman's Cottage, on the morning of Septmeber 19 2006. Our legal expenses to defend the action brought against us by Thomas Hawkins, the owner of the cottage, have topped Stg 42,000. We have prevailed in the litigation, and have been awarded reimbursement of our costs on an indemnity basis. Amazing: this little plot of land cost the same as two years (tuition, room, and board) at Harrow or Eton.
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