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Lord Rannoch of Lucies - 8 Generation Pedigree393 viewsThis is Rannoch's eight generation pedigree, from the Highland Cattle Society. It's an Adobe Acrobat PDF file, 1,675 kb in size (about 65 pages). To download, simply click the "File" icon above, and the process will begin automatically.
Max119 viewsRubbing himself on the lawn --- spreading his scent so future doggies will know "Max Was Here."
Dinner at the Bab al Shams250 viewsWe went to a great outdoors dinner in a "fort" that had been created in the desert. Here's some not-so-flat flatbrad and some great cheese.
Marjorie Reading Magazines912 viewsOutside of our villa room at the Dar Al Masyaf in Dubai.
Marjorie -- At Lunch in Bra, Italy159 viewsAs we waited for our lunch, Marjorie decided to play with the bread sticks.
The Electric Meter Reader108 viewsThe electric meter reader arrived and couldn't find the meter. I had to hobble down the track and show him that it's a little door that's part of the fence. Fortunately, he had a key to open the door. (We've asked Scottish Power for a key about a dozen times, and they keep sending us the wrong key.) By the way, doesn't everybody take a photograph of the meter reader guy?
Poi Swirl Bread5823 viewsPoi Swirl Bread made for The Poi Company by Hawaii Star Bakery. This was Portuguese sweet bread "swirled" with purple poi bread. It made a delicious sandwich.
Who IS this old woman107 views
Hey, that coffee cup looks familiar114 views
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