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Joe With The Rat520 viewsOnce of the joys of living on a farm is the "wildlife." Aren't dogs great at finding just the one thing you wish they wouldn't? In this case --- a rat.
Joe With The Rat --- Up Close and Personal650 viewsYes, we took the rat away from Joe. But not before we snapped this quick picture to e-mail to Joe's owner on vacation in South Africa...!1 comments
Tamworth Having A Good Scratch966 viewsWhen mom started to scratch herself on the fence post, a cloud of clay dust appeared.
Ann Carman taking the Calf's Temperature7124 viewsAll normal . . .
Pan Am StratoCruiser Aircraft - Honolulu Airport387 viewsI remember flying from Honolulu to Bangkok, most of it via StratoCruiser. We dressed for the flight. There was a lounge downstairs, which we reached via a spiral staircase. We flew Honolulu - Wake - Guam - Manila - Hong Kong and then on to Bangkok.
Lord Rannoch's American Highland Pedigree431 viewsLord Rannoch of Lucies is now registered with the American Highland Cattle Association (registration 41,829). Here is a copy of his Certificate of Registration.
Richard Chamings (right) and Big and The Wild Boar521 viewsOur newly-arrived wild boar has a prolapse, possibly from all the rich, new grass at his new home. Here Big (left) and our vet, Richard Chamings operate on the boar's rear. Tranquilising a wild boar proved to be quite a challenge: he just didn't want to lie down.
Highland Bull -- Having A Scratch4361 viewsUK302940100044 born 15 December 2003, photographed 27 September 2005. Sold 14 October 2005, and now living on a mountain top in Lancaster.
Picanha Steaks on the Grill430 viewsIt's important not to pierce or cut them when they're cooking --- that will keep in the majority of the jucies. The fat in grain-fed beef (and ours is certainly grain-fed) melts at a lower temperature than the fat in grass-fed beef. One food critic described Kobe beef as "self-basting." These steaks were delicious!
"No Match for the Rat-Catcher Dogs"525 viewsArticle from the Worcester Evening News about the "rat-catcher dogs."
4th of July Flag189 viewsMarjorie and Kiko by our July 4th American flag, on the hedge in front of Whitecroft.2 comments
4th of July at Whitecroft129 viewsFor the second year in a row (a tradition?) we put our huge American flag, bought by us just after 9-11, up on the hedge at the front of Whitecroft, along Colletts Green Road. Here's Marjorie posing with Kiko. Note the busy rush-hour traffic. July 4th 2006
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