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Lord's Wood Track224 viewsOur track leading to Lord's Wood is shown on the left of this springtime (mid-May) photograph. Lord's Wood itself is in the distance, past the sheep pasture.
Bracken With A Poorly Paw138 viewsBracken had just been on his 1 1/2 hour afternoon walk, and we took him for a run around the garden. He was fine, and then suddenly started to favour his left paw. We checked it carefully and no sign of pain or distress. In about an hour he was fine -- so our theory is that it was stinging nettle.
Bracken89 viewsThat's quite a tongue.
Bracken115 viewsBracken was really good at looking into the camera lens.
Repairing the Non-Return Valve - Whitecroft Track190 viewsWe had problems on Friday and Saturday because, without notice, Severn Trent needed to replace the non-return sewer valve. Apparently they couldn't inspect it in March because they couldn't open the manhole cover. But nothing was done, until our neighbour's house flooded with sewage. Looks like this guy got the manhole cover open! July 29 2005
Bracken With His Rawhide Bone126 views
Bracken94 views
Portrait of Bracken125 views
Marjorie Walking to Lord's Wood216 viewsWalking up (northward) the track, in the direction of Lord's Wood.
Raw Sewage - Woodman's Cottage217 viewsThis raw sewage is coming out of a pipe on our property, adjacent to our track to Lord's Wood. We believe it's coming from Woodman's Cottage, the only property in the area.
Bracken193 viewsBracken helping Marjorie read the Sunday newspaper.
Bracken116 viewsBracken relaxing with his favourite rawhide bone.
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