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Tokyo Cellphone - 1953355 viewsIn the early 1950's public telephones in Tokyo were in stalls along the street.
John Bushby, Cathy Bushby, and Me187 viewsAt a Republican fund-raising dinner in Washington, D.C. A chance to wear name tags and have our photograph taken (very, very briefly) with Dan Quayle, the former Vice President of the United States.
Tamworth In His Hoggles260 viewsPhotographs of our pigs wearing Hoggles were printed in the Telegraph, Independent, Daily Record, Daily Star, Metro and on the front page of the Worcester Evening News. We had a visit from local BBC radio, and the pig was mentioned on the BBC Today Show and again on Chris Evans' BBC drive-time programme. This photo is from Caters News --- news@catersnews.com1 comments
Your Dog Magazine - July 2007143 views"Groom Service" With its comfy cubbyholdes, underfloor heating (and air conditioning in summer, of course), indoor and outdoor pools, webcam facility and range of souvenier merchandise for guests to take home, there's no denying Lucies Farm is pretty swanky. . . .
Restaurant Magazine - Feb 15 2006139 views"Get the Wa Gyu rollin'" Article about Lucies Farm and Wagyu - Scottish | Kobe beef from the February 15 2006 issue of Restaurant magazine.
The Whitecroft Track139 viewsOur track (and public footpath) viewed from just north of the gate to the farmyard, and looking toward the north.
Our Compost Pile119 viewsA view north up our track, public footpath 578 on the right. Our compost "pile" on the left (west).
View From The Kissing Gate - South102 viewsLooking south down the public footpath on our land, from the kissing gate. The area on the right of the footpath is our compost heap.
Whitecroft Track, Looking South109 viewsLooking south down the track (and public footpath) on the western boundary of Maggot's Croft. The white building is the dog resort.
View From The Kissing Gate - North108 viewsLooking north up the public footpath from the kissing gate, across Geoffrey Grizzell's land to the stile beyond. As the grass has recently been harvested, the green footpath is quite clear.
View Down the Track - South159 viewsIt was a sunny day so I headed out with my camera. This is a view from the gate to the stable yard, looking south down the track and public footpath 578. The dog resort building is on the left.
Walking Down Our Track110 viewsTaken from our track (and public footpath 578) looking south towards Colletts Green Road. Our home is on the left, behind the wooden fence (east). Jack and Margaret's home is on the right (west). We have recently spread a new load of gravel on the track, thanks to the folks at Central Networks. They'd just buried the power supply to our neighbours' homes beneath our track.
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