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Duck in Pond590 views
Path by the Duckweed Pond233 viewsPretty flowers growing in the path by the duckweed pond. Kiko loves to toss his ball into the duckweed, and then try (always unsuccessfully) to retrieve it.
Jet Watching the Ducks436 viewsJet keeping a close eye on the ducks in our pond. (Don't worry, there's a fence down there in the bushes so he can't jump in.) Our blue boat is ready for the summer season!
The Ridgebacks at the Drinking Hole138 viewsClean, fresh water in stainless steel bowls in their suites --- but the Ridgebacks prefer a drink from the fish pond.
The Duck Weed Pond171 viewsBehind all the overgrown grass is the duck weed pond where Kiko likes to throw his ball. We're working on removing the overgrown plants, and getting the fountain (which you can't see anyway) to work again.
Teddy by the Side of the Swan Pond135 viewsHe really wanted to jump in. I guess the sound of the water falling sounded inviting to him. Taken on a very hot summer afternoon, when even I was ready to jump into the Swan Pond.
Teddy on the Edge of The Pond86 views
Teddy -- Looking Cute103 viewsTeddy sitting on the edge of the pond in our front garden. He looks a bit sad because we've just told him that, no, he can't jump into the pond.
Simba Looking For Fish114 views
Teddy Scampering Out of the Fountain94 viewsI went to give him a helping hand, but he was out in a flash.
Elvis Having A Drink151 viewsElvis has a clean stainless steel bowl in his suite with fresh water. But dogs prefer the "natural" taste of pond water! The good news is that the water in our small fountain passes through a filtration system, in theory so fish could live in the pond. For some reason, we didn't think fish were a great idea --- so no fish.
Elvis Enjoying His Pond Water Drink124 views
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