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A Caribineri (Policeman) in Cesana Pariol495 viewsThe cashier at a restaurant near our hotel observed, "We thought we'd be invaded by tourists. Instead, we were invaded by the police." Most caribineri were glum and unfriendly. This gentleman, however, was different. He even helped me to my seat, and carried my camera.
Helicopter Overhead230 viewsTapa started barking the other night, and when he and I looked outdoors, there was a helicopter hovering across the street, pointing its searchlight about. It then went down our track, and away past the back field. I learned the next morning that there had been police cars and dogs chasing someone. The fugitive tried to get over our gate -- but the top is electrified (to keep foxes out). This is a photo of the helicopter.
27th Police District, St. Petersburg160 viewsMarjorie going into the 27th Police District to report the theft of my camera --- for the second time. The first form they gave us, right after the incident, was just a lost-and-found form, so we had to enlist the help of our hotel, and go back a second day. The inside of the police station looks like the waiting room for the Gulag.
Grzegorz Bednarski with two Manchester Police Officers192 viewsGuarding the back of the Manchester Opera House where Ross was loaded and unloaded into his stock trailer.
Note Left on Dashboard233 viewsNote left on the dashboard of the Truckman. When the vehicle was recovered, the note vanished --- but fortunately I'd photographed it beforehand.
The Police Helicopter185 viewsThis helicopter spent a lot of time overhead. We didn't know if they were taking our photo (why?) so I took their photo. We later learned they were looking for a missing person.
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