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Bromsgrove Cemetery1246 viewsI thought this inscription was quite moving. Too bad about the plastic flowers. May 2005
Bromsgrove Cemetery197 viewsIn the midst of all of these plastic flowers (the plastic roses even had plastic beads of water) there was a small bundle of fresh carnations.
Buddy making a splash95 views
Molly with a Wet Face167 viewsWhile Molly certainly didn't want to go into the pool, she was happy to watch safely from the sidelines --- even though it meant getting some of the splashes on her face.
Chester Going for the Ball186 views. . . and making a big splash.
Chester and the Pool105 viewsWe also tried Chester without the life preserver (Christopher was in the pool with him at all times). When Chester first gets into the water, he really tries to get out.
Ross Being Shown the Artificial Cow5370 viewsHe's not particularly interested in a large white plastic cow. Please note how he's being managed with two leads --- one to his nose ring, and one attached to his head collar. Ian Crouch is holding both.
Ian Crouch Encouraging Ross243 viewsThe cow dummy was about four to six inches too high, but Ross made no effort to mount it, or even Carole --- who was presumably the correct height.
Ross and His Plastic Woman226 viewsStill showing no real interest in the plastic cow.
I know how to make a splash105 views
Hey, I'm trying to get the hang of this81 views
And ........... I'm off82 views
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