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Green and Blue209 viewsWhen I was a kid, I had a typewriter ribbon that was blue and green (or maybe it was purple and green) --- rather than black and red. These two plants in our garden remind me of that old typewriter.
Whitecroft Orchid House161 viewsWaiting for the Climate Control technicians to fix the misting system and computer.
The Orchid House4308 viewsIt's a cold autumn day outdoors, but in the Whitecroft orchid house it's always summer. That's our indoor (outdoor?) shower on the right, with a shower head like the Savoy Hotel. The shower head is currently holding our insect-eating plant: Emilia has taken great care of it, and it's becoming the Triffid.
Whitecroft Orchid House110 viewsCalled the orchid house even though it contains no orchids. This large monstera plant is living up to its name.
Flowers in Whitecroft Garden89 viewsThese flowers grow in a tall stalk, a bit like a desert plant.
Will The Christmas Tree Fit?96 views
Getting our live Christmas tree94 viewsThe Whitecroft "tradition" of having a live, rooted tree took us to the southern part of Gloucestershire, near the Severn, where this tree farmer dug up a gorgeous Norfolk pine for us. He needed his tractor to load it in our rental truck.
Wellingtonia, Laurels, and Here Comes the Big Tree102 viewsWe bought a potted Wellingtonia for the front lounge, some laurels for a new hedge, and Marjorie is in the truck trying to guide the large Christmas tree.
Trying to Fit The Tree Into The Truck104 viewsFor some reason -- lost on me -- the farmer wanted to put the large tree in the side, sliding door on the van rather than the larger back door.
Yes the trees fit -- barely!258 viewsThe potted Wellingtonia, Norfolk Pine Christmas tree, and the laurels fit in the back of the truck.
Moving the Christmas Tree to our Truck146 viewsWe'd rented a panel van from Hertz, and Marjorie, Tapa, and I headed down to Gloucestershire to pick up the tree.
Roses and Summer122 viewsThese roses are right outside our kitchen window and bloom almost year-round. The chimney for our back lounge is in the background.
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