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A Fire Pit in the Bab al Shams Hotel1696 viewsIt gets cold on the desert at night, so the Bab Al Shams Hotel had this large fire pit that they lit every evening. Marjorie is relaxing on the right, a bit like Rousseau's Sleeping Gypsy.
Marjorie441 viewsIn our small airplane en route from Adelaide to Uluru -- Ayers Rock, Australia.1 comments
Japanese Spitz150 views
Japanese Spitz200 viewsAccording to their hand-out at Crufts, the Japanese Spitz is "affectionate, companionable. Can be slightly chary at first meeting with strangers." This one was gorgeous. (The sweater in the background was apparently knit from Spitz hair -- hopefully that had been brushed out.) To visit their website please click here.
Japanese Spitz155 views
Japanes Spitz439 views
Marjorie Holding A Japanese Spitz306 viewsMarjorie hadn't read the hand-out that said "can be slightly chary at first meeting with strangers." 1 comments
Japanese Spitz352 views1 comments
Craig in the Hospital125 viewsEeegads, this picture even scares me. I think it's pretty funny that I'm wearing an "Ironman" t-shirt. Some Ironman I am --- slipping and falling on my bum in our own conservatory. May 5 2006
Marjorie 1 in Hospital in Australia155 viewsJune 13 2006.
Kiko's Surgical Side124 viewsKiko has a two-texture look. He was completely shaved on his ride side for his lung surgery. His left side was still furry and soft.
Kiko After His Lung Surgery99 viewsDespite the big surgical gash behind his right leg, he's still bright-eyed and was happy to see us. He made it clear that he'd had enough of hospital life, and wanted to go home.
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