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Marjorie (Holding My Stick) on the Nevsky Prospect175 viewsOne of the main streets in St. Petersburg.
And he doesn't envy those people with Blackberries.................137 viewsHe can't stay away from a computer for 5 minutes!! Actually, I'm any excuse for a cup of coffee and since Craig is unable to walk long distances in one go we stopped at this Internet Cafe in the Hermitage so I could have coffee and he could make sure that we weren't missing anything.
Our Room - Radisson SAS Royal Hotel, St. Petersburg121 viewsResting before we go out sightseeing.
Barbazan Restaurant at Breakfast128 viewsThe breakfast room in our hotel, the Radisson SAS Royal Hotel. The ham-and-cheese omlettes were very good, as was the sashimi/ceviche starter at dinner.
Marjorie at The Hermitage Museum126 viewsSt Petersburg, Russia
Lobby Bar - Radisson SAS Royal Hotel, St. Petersburg110 viewsOur base-of-operations in St. Petersburg. You can watch the folks on the main Nevsky Prospect from this bar/lounge. And Marjorie loved the falafel.
Marjorie131 views
Radisson SAS Royal Hotel - St. Petersburg130 viewsMarjorie reading a guidebook in our room in the hotel, before going out to see the city -- and having my camera stolen, and then my wallet.
Marjorie Contemplating Russia120 viewsIn our hotel lobby, St Petersburg
27th Police District, St. Petersburg160 viewsMarjorie going into the 27th Police District to report the theft of my camera --- for the second time. The first form they gave us, right after the incident, was just a lost-and-found form, so we had to enlist the help of our hotel, and go back a second day. The inside of the police station looks like the waiting room for the Gulag.
Maria and Marjorie at the Waterfront190 viewsStanding at the waterfront of St Petersburg, with a Soviet-era apartment building in the background. Maria Smolentseva was our guide during our last day in St Petersburg.
Nevsky Prospect - St. Petersburg4501 viewsTo cross the street in either direction on Nevsky Prospect -- one of the main streets in St. Petersburg -- you need to go into this pedestrian underpass. When we did so, on a bright spring afternoon (our wedding anniversary), my camera was stolen. I'd just entered the underpass, and as my eyes adjusted to the gloom someone bumped into me quite hard, and I knew my camera was gone when my left shoulder suddenly didn't feel the weight. But there was a crowd, and no obvious villan.
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