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Chip Stalking the Ball -- Looks More Like A Panther447 views
Marjorie and the Tamworth Lady2915 viewsMarjorie has shown great wisdom and has worn white trousers out to visit the piggy wiggy. Naturally, the pig's reaction was to coat her nose with mud and then want to show Marjorie how much she is loved. Kissy, kissy . . .
Black Panther Dog -- With The Red Ball8870 viewsOK, it's really a black Labrador. But he sure looks like a panther.
Me Taking A Photo of My Puffy Pants202 viewsI'd put on my Northern Face down-insulated pants and my foot cast and it was all quite funny. I tried to take a photo of the stylish combination using a mirror in our hotel room. I think the look on Marjorie's face is funny -- sort of quiet resignation.
Sasha101 viewsMy, what a long tongue . . .
English Gothic175 viewsMarjorie and I playing around with silly pants --- and a bit of Photoshop.
I'm Hot!164 viewsThis Highland heifer (Balamory) was so hot --- after Ross chased her around the field --- that she was panting.
Balamory Panting in the Heat151 views
Balamory -- Exhausted by Ross152 viewsIt was a warm afternoon and this young Highland heifer was just moved up to the field near the house. Ross, the older bull, ran her all around the field --- and she was panting at the end of the unsuccessful courtship ritual.
Panting Highland Cow145 viewsI've never seen Highland cattle pant before. There was plenty of water in the two troughs, but they decided to pant instead.
Panting Highland Steer - Hamish741 views
Panting Highland Steer215 viewsIt was hot, and Hamish ran all around the new field.
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