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Lord Rannoch of Lucies - Bath time1637 εμφανίσεις2 σχόλια
Lord Rannoch of Lucies761 εμφανίσεις
Marjorie - Whitecroft324 εμφανίσειςThe summer of 2003 was glorious -- temperatures reached 100 degrees. Very little rain. And we did our best to enjoy the garden.
Kiko in the Kitchen2388 εμφανίσεις2 σχόλια
The Great January 2004 Storm303 εμφανίσειςWe'd been warned for several days (including full page newspaper articles) that the Great Storm was coming. And, of course, the weather was beautiful. But the storm finally hit on January 28 2004, and lasted precisely ten minutes. This is our front garden at Whitecroft viewed through the snow.
Marjorie with Bolex Camera298 εμφανίσειςPoor Marjorie. I got her to pose with the Bolex camera so I could take a photo for eBay. I think her wrist hurt for a week.
Kiko Asleep on Couch.jpg
Kiko Hard at Work3305 εμφανίσεις
Wisteria Vine - Whitecroft295 εμφανίσειςWhy doesn't this vine go up the wire we've put on the right? It seems to have a mind of its own.
A rose from outside our kitchen window, Whitecroft576 εμφανίσειςKevin planted three rose bushes outside the kitchen at Whitecroft, and they bloom 10 months out of each year. And when they're not blooming, they drop these great pink petals on our parsley and chives.
Marjorie in Kitchen.jpg
Marjorie in Whitecroft Kitchen2282 εμφανίσειςRipping some sort of meat apart with her bare hands.
Beautiful Marjorie.jpg
Marjorie Giving Me Her Best Pose309 εμφανίσεις
Marjorie, Corvette & Field of Rape286 εμφανίσειςOn our way back from the Severn Bore, spring 2003
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