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Highland Steers in the Cold195 viewsA cold Saturday morning in November. Two Highland steers staring at me -- UK30294020052 (born 10 Apr 04) and UK302940500041 (born 25 Jul 03).
The Whitecroft Swan Fountain150 viewsThe water in the fountain managed to coat the reeds with a layer of ice. Not exactly a Jacuzzi.
A Frozen Fence200 viewsA November week-end in sunny Worcestershire, complete with frozen fence. You can see what Highland cattle do to a perfectly good fence!
Ash198 viewsAsh having a bit of a run on a cold, dark, November morning.
Highland Cow in the Frost910 viewsUK302940600028 -- photographed while resisting all of our efforts to get her into the stock trailer to go to her new home in Wales.
Ash Looking Over A Fence139 viewsWe were trying to catch Highland cattle, and Ash kept a watchful eye on the activity. A cold November morning in Sunny Worcestershire.
Ash on a November Morning156 viewsCold and foggy, but Ash was full of energy and wanted to play.
Highland Cow Mooing in the Cold188 viewsUK302940600028 born 28 July 2002.
Tapa Wants In176 viewsIt was a foggy November night. Tapa, the English Bull Terrier, wanted to get into the dog resort --- too cold and damp outside for him (and for me, for that matter).
Cold Dog Topiary153 viewsOur dog topiary is covered with frozen cobwebs. A cold November day at Whitecroft in sunny Worcestershire.
Cold Dog Topiary112 viewsI guess this is what topiary would look like at Miss Haversham's house. A cold November morning at Whitecroft, with frost on all of the cobwebs.
Early November sunset120 viewsI was at my desk and Kiko barked (once) at the conservatory door to be let in. I looked over and he was bright red. I thought he'd fallen into some sort of paint, and then I saw he was red from the sunset. I got my camera and my cane and hobbled around the garden taking these photographs. I've lived at Whitecroft since 1989, and it was the most gorgeous sunset I've seen. Thanks, Kiko.
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