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Kiko and Marjorie Having a Rest769 viewsIt's been a long, tiring week-end. Kiko and Marjorie having a bit of a rest with the newspapers in the front "dog" lounge.
Bracken193 viewsBracken helping Marjorie read the Sunday newspaper.
"No Match for the Rat-Catcher Dogs"525 viewsArticle from the Worcester Evening News about the "rat-catcher dogs."
Worcester Evening News - Broken Back665 viewsA story, and editorial, from the June 5 2006 issue of the Worcester Evening News about Craig's broken back.
Tamworth Pig In Hoggles140 viewsEnjoying the hottest July day in British history, July 19 2006. This photo taken by Dan at Caters News ---
The Tokyo Shimbun331 viewsThe Tokyo Shimbun is a large daily newspaper in Japan. They did an article about pampering pets throughout the world: dog swimming in Washington, D.C., acupuncture in Beijing, and swimming-acupuncture-massage at Lucies Farm. The photograph shows Richard Chaming, our veterinarian, with his dog Spice talking with Marjorie, as Gregorz swims in the pool.
Worcester Evening News - 26 August 2006249 viewsThe local newspaper picked up on the Hattie story when doing an article (never published) about our neighbour's claim that the dog resort was too loud. (Noise monitoring equipment installed by the Council did not show any noise offences.) This small story talks about Hattie's five week visit to Lucies Farm, the subject of an upcoming "It's Me Or The Dog" programme.
Worcester Evening News Green Burial Application409 viewsOur local newspaper, the Worcester Evening News ran an article on December 15 2004 about our planning application for a green burial ground in Lord's Wood.
English Translation of Article from Tokyo Shimbun175 viewsThis is the English translation of the article about Lucies Farm that appeared in the Tokyo Shimbun, a large daily newspaper in Japan.
Aiming The Tank227 viewsMilan and Gregorz "aim" Sam Stephenson from Newsteam (in the tank) in the direction of the swimming Berkshire pig. Sam was here to take photographs for an article in the Independent newspaper.2 comments
Swimming Berkshire Pig130 views
Swimming Berkshire Pig133 viewsA sunny autumn morning, October 20 2006. Swimming outdoors for the Independent newspaper.
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